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spending a teeny bit of time this tuesday to share another product i love.
and i mean love.
i’m in love and we’re getting married.
me and my lensbaby.
do you have one?
you should. such fun!
there are several versions, and i have almost all of them, because
i just can’t get enough.
it’s been my favorite little camera bag must-have for a couple years now.
my favorite is the Composer Pro with Sweet Optic 50.
it takes photos from ordinary to downright dreamy,
the way i remember moments in my mind.

{my son asleep – a very rare occurrence}

i feel the color and light more strongly with my lensbaby.
the photos are moody and rich and gorgeous
and i want to see the world like that always.

{my daughter picking wildflowers}

lensbaby has a line of products for use with you iphone now,
which is just fantastic.
i’m almost ashamed to admit how many photos i take on my phone,
even tho i own thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment.
it’s just so accesable and easy, i can’t help it!
and now i can have my lensbaby love on my iphone as well.

i’ve even had a few clients that don’t mind going a little outside the box with me on shoots.
generally, a birth takes place in dark, close quarters and not a lot of time to be arranging your shot with a lensbaby.
but every now and then i can squeeze one in during a quiet moment.

{labor partners}

pregnancy is a special, magical time and i think it’s fitting to have photos
that feel dreamy and mystical to commemorate the stage that will be over before you know it.


i’d recommend putting any or all of the lensbaby products on your christmas list this year.

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my sweet friend, Tierney, is about to have her first baby.
any minute now really!
i was so honored to take her maternity photos, and am so excited to
be there for the birth of this baby, too! i cannot wait to
find out if there’s a little girl or boy in there!
what fun to see good friends become parents.

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i just have to say right up front,
i do no think it’s fair to look this good in labor.
this mama rocked a long labor and looked like a goddess the whole time.
this is the 2nd birth i have attended for these parents,
& each time i’ve been amazed at how they work together as a team to meet their babies.
the sweetness!
welcome little ellie! you are so loved!

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watching parents bring babies into the world is always emotional,
but when those parents are your big brother & sister-in-law,
well, it’s just double all the emotions!
this is the 4th baby of my brother and sister-in-law.
i was also there for the birth of their 3rd, my only niece.
it’s such an honor to be able to capture these moments for them-
especially when things get a little tense, a bit scary, and super fast.
then they can remember the times that get lost in all the commotion.
my little nephew, emmet, took his sweet time coming earthside, and
put his super-mama through a long, arduous labor, and a teensy bit of a
scare there at the end. but thanks to his fantastic midwives,
(gentle beginnings for the win!) he was born safely, healthy,
and quite possibly the cutest little guy i’ve seen in a long while.
(biased-auntie alert)
welcome to the world baby emmet!
i’ll love to love you for all time, little nephew!
chason & cassie, i’m so super proud of you guys.
<3 <3 <3

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